Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Whippy Bent Shaft

I've heard it said that alot of inventions happen by accident. This was indeed the case when it came to the latest paddle that I am shaping for local paddler Willie "the crusher" Illingworth.
Sort of by accident I shaped this 200cm paddle into one of the lightest, whippiest paddles to ever come out of the BFP factory. Weighing in at 35ish ounces before fiberglass, whippier that an AT Flexi and extremely strong (just ask Chris Baer's nose) this paddle will no doubt change the way that I craft paddles from here on out.


Willie Illingworth said...
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Willie Illingworth said...

Wow! I just found online that an AT2 is 38oz finished.

I'm stoked! Thanks for everything, Kenny!

Unknown said...

I'm ready for an upgrade!

Willie Illingworth said...

The paddle is amazing, Kenny! Creek, play, downriver -- it's all good with BFP wood!